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The imaet System is a perfect tool for holistic practitioners looking to efficiently deliver energetic support to clients fast and effectively.  It can interact with cellular communications and thus Eliminate Allergies, Focus the Immune System, bring deep relaxation to emotional stress and much more. Great tool for muscle testers!



Whether for a Health Coach, MedSpa Owner, Nutrition Coach or other profession, the imaet System can give an entrepreneur a unique service to set them apart from the competition.

Wellness in the mountains


Personal Wellness

The imaet System can become an essential tool to improve and maintain the wellness for individuals, their family and friends.  By having access to such a powerful device in the convenience of the home, individuals and families can address wellness needs on demand and frequently.


Pets & Animals

With a module available for cats, dogs, birds, rodents, reptiles, horses and swine, the imaet System offers the same valuable technology to pets, farm animals or livestock.

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