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How imaet Works

Elite Bioenergetic Communication Technology

Harnessing Quantum Energy

The imaet technology communicates with the body's cellular network through the quantum field.  This energy field exists all around us and transcends space and time.  The quantum field is an invisible, dynamic energy field that fills all of space and is made up of different types of vibrations or ripples. These vibrations represent the building blocks of our universe—particles like electrons, photons, and more.  The imaet System transmits and receives frequencies across the quantum field through quantum entanglement and tunneling to communicate with the body and deliver the cellular support it needs in that moment.

Analyzing Energetic Data

When a BioScan function is utilized on the imaet System, the software transmits scalar type frequencies associated with specific items to the body and then analyzes the body's subtle energetic reactions to these frequencies.  The frequencies can be associated with food items, allergens, pathogens or even genes. The software will analyze the reaction data provided by the scan and determine what energetic support your body needs most in that moment.

Supporting Cellular Health

Cellular communication happens across a few different channels utilizing proteins, chemicals, hormones, and quantum tunnels.    Since cells use quantum energy to communicate, they can identify substances by their unique energetic frequencies - not just their physical properties.  It is through this communication channel that the imaet technology provides cellular support.  By tapping into this quantum communication, the imaet System transmits frequencies to the cells to help them focus the immune system, reduce inflammation, improve cellular function and combat epigenetic stress. 

Reducing Epigenetic Stress

Epigenetics is the crossroads between DNA and the environment around it.  Epigenetics adds or removes small chemical tags that can modify how genes are expressed.  So, epigenetics doesn't change your genetic code, but it shapes how that code gets interpreted. It's the reason why identical twins, who share the same DNA, can still have differences in their health or appearance.   Many health issues develop due to epigenetic stress - where the DNA struggles to properly express because of certain environmental factors.  There are too many environmental factors in our everyday lives to eliminate all the problematic ones.  The imaet System works to reduce some of this epigenetic stress and dysfunction through communication with the cells - after all, cells are where the DNA live and from where they express.  By improving this communication structure, the imaet System reduces epigenetic stress and dysfunction leading to less health issues.

Software Features

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Systems Panels

 There are eleven total Systems Panels to provide support to various body systems.

Providing pre-formulated energetic support to various systems of the body along with specialty treatment features.

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BioScan Panels

There are eleven total BioScan Panels to scan the body and provide customized support.

Providing the ability to scan the body and assess its energetic needs, along with customized treatment features.

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Wellness Panels

There are seven total Wellness Panels that provide a unique range of support to the body.

Unique support modules that include both scan and support features along with pre-formulated support functions and a Pet Panel.

Trivector Technology

Each item signature is transmitted to the body via a trivector signal  -

which is made up of three frequencies instead of just one.

Long-Term Epigenetic Results

By re-training the cellular function within the body, the imaet System can achieve long-term epigenetic changes.

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Scan and Feedback Functions

The imaet technology can both receive and analyze frequencies, and transmit frequencies for a customizable experience.

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Comprehensive and Versatile

The imaet System has 29 individual modules that can be used for a variety  of customizable energetic support depending on the needs of the client.

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Exclusive Biohacking Capabilities

By changing genetic expression and improving cellular function over time, the imaet technology is a powerful biohacking tool unlike any other.

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