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The Software

The I.M.A.E.T. System software is protected by copyright and may not be duplicated, or copied, in any form, without written permission. In the USA and Canada, the software comes pre-loaded onto a PC laptop. The OS is windows. At present windows 11. The IMAET virtuoso is a virtual version of the software, which also comes pre-loaded onto a PC laptop or tablet (Microsoft surface).

The I.M.A.E.T. ASR is a biofeedback, relaxation management instrument. No information should be construed as a medical claim or representation that this product is intended for use in the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment, and prevention of disease or any other medical condition. A biofeedback, relaxation and stress management device records subtle, “reactive,” informational potentials provided by the client during the assessment procedure. The computer evaluates such responses, and then challenges the individual with that information by feeding it back to the client. This process assists the body’s own relaxation and stress management mechanisms by encouraging a sense of wellness, balance and harmony.

**The interface box and harness are not intended for use on clients with pacemakers or other electrical devices. Disconnecting the interface box and utilizing the “Metaspace” mode may facilitate those clients with special needs.

The Software

How It Works

Oscillation-throughs within the atoms of molecules and cells, displace matter which then concentrates in the oscillation nodes. In this way, a logarithmic, fractal distribution of matter density arises in the natural-oscillating medium, leading to the situation illustrated below:

imaet System oscillation graphic
Graph of how resonating frequencies behave in the imaet System

The basic principle of the I.M.A.E.T. System device is to measure time differences of the respective innate signals and to achieve a statistical evaluation based on a mathematical algorithm. The results obtained are compared with data which are archived in a data base. The software measures the biochemistry and cellular activity by sending harmless, low voltage frequencies through a harness system to and from the body. The software then calculates everything based on the changes made to these signals on their path through the body.

Figure 1: Basic work flow for the evaluation of data obtained
The system uses square waves. i.e. arthrosis is 47.3 kHz This frequency is superimposed onto the measured frequency from the body and a deltaT time shift is mathematically calculated to produce a reactivity value.

How It Works

Our Mission

The Mission of BioGen Technoogies Inc is to produce the finest bioenergetic communication and relaxation management instrument possible. Every component of the I.M.A.E.T. System has been compiled with the greatest degree of competency and integrity. Professionals and others interested in the exciting world of bioenergetics and relaxation management may use the system as a bridge to aiding the body’s own relaxation mechanisms. 

We continue to strive to translate epigenetic findings into energetic frequencies to be useful for biocommunication applications.

BioGen Technologies is dedicated to providing technical assistance, and Internet web support. 

Separately, professional training is provided by SmartHealth Inc.

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