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imaet Affiliate Program

Are you a fan of your imaet and want to share the love? You can earn CASH by joining our FREE Affiliate Program! *

Become a mentor to your new affiliate customers - giving them pointers and guidance on how to use their imaet.  Please note: an Affiliate sale is intended to be a guided sale with post-purchase support - not a blind referral.  For information on referral bonuses outside the Affiliate Program, please contact us at


It's easy -


1) Click the link below to create an account and receive an affiliate link

2) Send your affiliate link to your friends

3) When they place an order through your link you earn a commission


**Discounts do not apply to purchases made by Affiliates.


For questions regarding this program please email us at:

Become an imaet affiliate
Become an imaet affiliate
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