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FAQs and Technical Support

  • Is the imaet software compatible with Mac and Apple iOS devices?
    The imaet software is currently only compatible with Windows operating system. If you have Windows installed on your Mac or Apple device, it will be compatible while running Windows.
  • Where can I find the prices of the imaet devices?
    If you are interested in the pricing of the imaet Systems, please submit a price quote request
  • Is there a free trial available?
    We currently do not offer a free trial of the imaet software or devices however we do offer a free online demo.
  • Where can I find instructional videos?
    For instructional and educational videos please visit our Video Library and Youtube channel.
  • Is there training included in the purchase of an imaet System?
    One complimentary tutoring session is provided with the initial purchase of an imaet system. A Comprehensive Training Package is also available as an add-on to the purchase of an imaet System for more in depth training. Additionally, there are many video resources available on the website free of charge. All training beyond this is the responsibility of the customer and comes with additional fees, including the QBAcademy (Quantum Bioenergetics Academy) - a third-party training program.
  • Are upgrades to the imaet software provided?
    All upgrades within the first year of purchase are provided free of charge. Beyond the first year of ownership, upgrades are at the discretion of the customer and come at an additional charge. Please refer to the applicable Warranty & Sales Agreement.
  • Are any of the components of the imaet Systems covered under warranty?
    The imaet software is under warranty for a period of one year after the initial purchase. All warrantied service provided during the warranty period is done so by BioGen Technologies, Inc. pursuant to the terms of the applicable Warranty & Sales Agreement. Any laptops and/or tablets provided with the imaet Systems are not covered under the warranty provided by BioGen Technologies, Inc. For warranty information regarding any laptops or tablets provided with the imaet Systems, please contact the manufacturers thereof. Please refer to the applicable Warranty & Sales Agreement for further details regarding components covered and not covered under warranty.
  • Do the Gout or EBV Protocols on the Tri-Vector Panel display any rectification numbers?
    Only single item feedback displays rectification numbers. When conducting grouped feedback such as these protocols, no rectification numbers will be displayed.
  • My software is glitching and/or freezing up. What should I do?
    The first step when these types of issues arise is to restart the IMAET program. Ensure that multiple imaet program sessions are not running at once. You can access the Task Manager by pressing Ctl + Alt + Delete and verifying all IMAET programs are closed. If there are IMAET programs showing in Task Manager, right click on the IMAET program listed and select "End Task". If that does not rectify the issue, you should try restarting your computer. As a best practice, you should also be installing Windows Updates regularly as they become available and shut down your device at the end of the day and booting it up fresh the next day. If after utilizing these troubleshooting efforts you continue to experience the same issues, please submit a technical support ticket below.
  • I am getting an error when testing single items. What should I do?
    This is a known issue in Version 10.23 and we are diligently working on a fix. In the meantime, as a workaround, please refer to the Test Single Item job aid for assistance with this issue.
  • I am getting an error message. What should I do?
    Please contact our Technical Support Team for further assistance. You can either submit a technical support ticket below, email or call 315-756-6111. When submitting a support ticket or emailing please attach a screenshot or picture of the error message you are receiving.
  • How do I restart my HP laptop?
    To restart your HP laptop, first make sure you have closed out of all programs. Then, click on the Windows icon on your taskbar and select the Power Button icon in the lower right-hand corner of the pop-up window. Select Restart from the menu that pops up. Your machine will now restart.
  • I am receiving an error after uploading a picture to the Client Profile. What should I do?
    This is a known issue in Version 10.23, and we are diligently working on a fix. In the meantime, a current workaround is to close the program after uploading the picture and opening it back up to continue.
  • When running a scan in the Comprehensive Database on the Allergen Panel, the scan stops at Protein C but never completes and/or the program freezes.
    This error is caused by the Windows drivers not being up to date. It is crucial for the proper functioning of the software for all Windows Updates to be installed regularly and Windows drivers to be updated periodically. If you are experiencing this error, you need to schedule a Tech Support Appointment to fix it. Once fixed and going forward: It is HIGHLY recommended that you check for Windows driver updates MONTHLY. Driver updates are NOT INCLUDED in routine Windows Updates. These driver updates can be accessed by clicking on Start > Settings > Windows Update > Advanced Options > Optional Updates. Failure to keep these drivers updated can result in software malfunction (specifically the one mentioned above). Please watch the below tutorial for help locating and downloading driver updates:
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