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Success stories from users and patients


Just recently a friend called me, she said, "Sherry, I think I have food poisoning, what can I do?" I just started using the IMAET in my practice, so she was not expecting what I was about to do. I told her I was going to use the IMAET and went to work on her digestive system. Within minutes I heard, "I can't believe it, the pain is almost gone!" I told her to hold on since I was not quite done. Soon I heard, "I feel great! That is amazing". She was right, it is amazing! I love how easy it is to help others not matter where they are. Everyone should have one!


I am so loving our IMAET! We have had several times that we have seen results within 30 minutes of harmonizing! Everyone needs an IMAET in my opinion.


I am so grateful to you because so many of my people are getting better faster and I actually have more business than I know what to do with. The IMAET is extremely popular; people are bringing in their relatives for treatments.

Kerry, KY

I received my IMAET in late December 2023, and promptly completed both Dr. Straile and Dr. Flanary’s training courses. To say that the IMAET has been invaluable to my family would be an understatement! We have used the IMAET to resolve food allergies, environmental allergies, depression, neck/back pain, joint pain, and to improve overall wellness in all family members over the past four months. That in itself has been amazing, but we just had an experience that seems unbelievable - so I had to share! My 74-year-old mother fell and broke her left wrist on 4/02/24. Open reduction, internal fixation was required, and surgery took place on 4/08/24. We used the IMAET to prep her for surgery, as well as afterwards, and the effects were amazing! My mother has SLE and osteoporosis, and in prior surgeries, she had difficulty with the effects of anesthesia and with bone regeneration. Thanks to the IMAET, she had ZERO post-anesthesia issues, and she only took four pain pills - and that was only because we didn’t want her to chase the pain after her block wore off. She had absolutely no post-surgical pain, even though she had a plate and seven screws installed in her wrist. There was no swelling whatsoever. Most importantly, when we went to her two-week post-op visit, there was so much recalcification/healing that she did not require a cast! The doctor was surprised to see the level of healing, and noted that it was not common at all for someone with osteoporosis to heal so quickly. My mother is now a walking advertisement for the IMAET and tells everyone she can that it is the reason she has healed so quickly! “Thank you” will never be enough. To Dr. Straile and Dr. Flanary, deepest gratitude from me and my family.


So glad I have the IMAET System! The IMAET txt's have really helped me survive the health challenges caused by a mold exposure.


I LOVE MY IMAET- OMG I Metaspace like crazy- people/ dogs/ cats- with great outcomes! I was very cautious at first. I think being a medical intuitive has helped testing remotely. The IMAET is like my right arm! 

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