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The SHOW Method – a template to universal wellness.

Stress is the most common cause of inflammation, which is the culprit for most diseases, including asthma, obesity, diabetes, heart disease and 1200 more.

Within the human genome is all the information required to live. Genomic stress in the form of simple mutations or SNPs (Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms), is the main internal driver of inflammation and cellular dysfunction. When these low functioning genes can be identified and then energetically modulated and functionally harmonized, one can most effectively help biochemically mediate stress and thereby reduce inflammation and oppose disease. This includes eliminating allergies. And usually these epigenetic changes are permanent and even multi-generational.

I am not proposing that all dysfunction is solely due to genomic variants and such. We know that the environment, which includes our diet, is tremendously important. In fact, LIFE happens at the interface of the environment and the 100 trillion cells and their DNA within. However, the environment can be controlled and often is a behavioral challenge. Both need to be addressed and harmonized or balanced.

The SHOW Method uses the IMAET System to address Genomic Stress as well as environmental challenges: The process starts by finding and determining unknown and subconscious stress factors and modulating those stressors at the functional level. This unique method strives to detect specific allergies and sensitivities, even infections in order to energetically harmonize them within the context of all 100 trillion cells and all 100 trillion copies of the DNA. The SHOW Method scans for low functioning genes which can help pinpoint and predict errors within the DNA that may cause metabolic stress (such as food allergies) triggering inflammation. All auto-immune conditions i.e. are expressions of inflammation in different tissue types. Part of the basic SHOW Method are factors such as Leaky Gut, intestinal candida and fungal overgrowth as well as SIBO. These inflammatory drivers get addressed early on in the process of harmonizing a person’s energy field, a dominating part which is created by it’s metabolism.

Metabolism, the process that helps digest food and operate the immune system, is governed by the DNA and affected by the environment. The environment is everything the body has to deal with, from the weather to what we put in our mouth. Metabolism is also largely influenced by epigenetics, and therefor alterations in gene expressions that do not involve changes to the DNA sequence. The SHOW Method strives to harmonize and improve metabolic functions through applying very specific, innate frequencies. These frequencies are innate to nutrients, toxins, pathogens, even genes. Feedback treatments are applied through these subtle frequencies and combinations of frequencies. The "target" of most basic feedbacks are the cells and the DNA within.

Cellular communications equals energy:

The SHOW Method focuses on listening to the body’s cellular communications and pick up on the quirks within. It then strives to put together an effective modulatory feedback to harmonize epigenetic expression of metabolic errors caused by mutations. Software is helpful in plowing through the sheer number of possible quirks, issues and metabolic errors present in a person’s genome. The IMAET System is an ASR™ biofeedback device I developed, to assist in managing these databases. The IMAET helps manage the thousands of proteins and stressors which need to be scanned, analyzed and harmonized to overcome inflammation and pain.

Each nutrient is managed by a gene, or more often, a set of genes. For example, MTHFR is a gene which methylates Folate, also called Folic Acid and Vitamin B9. Methylation is the biochemical activation of genes. The MTHFR gene activates Folate, a very important B Vitamin. A SNP in this gene is quite common and it has consequences on multiple levels, from heart disease to anxiety. The reality, one cannot tackle anxiety successfully, until you harmonize the methylation gene for folate. (plus potentially a whole bunch of other genes. Hundreds have been correlated with anxiety) The SHOW Method attempts to harmonize such genomic inadequacies by delivering a harmonizing energy treatment in a systematic way.

Addressing metabolism at such a specific level is new and exciting. And from my clinical experience quite successful. It makes one realize just how imperfect we are. Tens of thousands of imperfections (mutant variants). But, on the other hand, it also makes one realize just how much potential we have. Relying on drugs for health from the cradle on, is not harmonious and runs contrary to evolution (or God). The health statistics and health insurance premiums are proof of that policy. Instead, we need to address this reality (of genomic imperfection) very early in life. The earlier the better. Our young children need this approach most urgently, for a healthy life, independent from drugs. Our genes are designed to repair themselves constantly, just like all other tissues in the body. We can support this natural process with an energetic, harmonizing approach. More in line with teaching the body better function and more independence, rather than overpowering it’s weaknesses and creating more dependence. The SHOW Method with the IMAET System empowers the genome with harmony. And best of all, these improvements in genomic harmony are heritable.

This blog article addresses only the basics of the SHOW Method. There are many advanced modules which follow the basic harmonization of the metabolism.

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