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Feedback Mode

Positions: There are many different positions in which to treat an individual! This depends on your treatment protocol. For NAET procedures the spine has to be accessible. Prone and sitting positions are most advantageous.

Recumbent Supine
IMAET treatment recumbent spine
ASR.13 (2).jpg

Individual situations: The IMAET System is very versatile. Make any situation work for the IMAET to tap into the individual’s Body Bioenergy Field.

Baby in Car Seat
IMAET treatment baby
Mom Holding Baby
IMAET treatment baby in lap
Spinal Tapping Chair
Automatic spinal points activation.
IMAET treatment reclined

For information on the massage chair option, please e-mail Dr. Straile at

Animals need Biofeedback too. 
For pet pads, horse harness etc. visit and accessories

Computer Settings:

NAET panel:

     a.  Basic Item Test panel (left bottom database): Choose your basic item and click on it. This will              be the item treated per tri-vector feedback technology. Next choose from the ‘additional                    feedback’ any basic combinations you would like to add to the treatment. i.e. BBF, Acid,                  Base, etc.

     b.  NAET Test panel (upper database):right click on the test panel and the multiple combinations              box will pop up.


Select your item, click add and the right window will be the treatment combination. Your timer, usually set to 20 minutes, will divide the time equally between selected items.

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