Recumbent Supine:


recumbent seated

The IMAET takes the guess work out of muscle testing. Test babies, people with bad shoulders, even pets. No surrogate necessary anymore. Test all 1560 NAET vials (all 20 kits) in 2 minutes. Treat with combinations as taught by Dr. Devi.

The I.M.A.E.T. assesses bio-informational potential through a 5 point harness system. As stress potentials are evaluated, a feedback loop provides a signal that may be correlated with homeostasis, and possibly aid in producing a state of well-being. In this context the system may be considered a unique performance enhancement tool.

Please Note: no medical or curative claims can be made.

BioGen Technologies Inc. Presents

Biofeedback Technology

Dr. Bernard Straile

Biofeedback Technology developed specifically for Energy practitioners...Software of the future for health and wellness. Dr. Bernard Straile, BS, DC Biofeedback Instructor/Consultant.


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